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Hawk Browser - a secure browser, but different.

Protect access to your organisation’s web services with the Hawk Secure Browser. Technology designed to protect you from man-in-the-middle, phishing, identity theft and malware infection.

Secure Browsing


A dedicated browser app, locked to a specific service; free from URLs, address bars and DNS. With a managed list of allowed web domains, you specify the secure services centrally. A browser that is uniquely provisioned for a user and their device, with strong user authentication. Unique image login enhances security and user experience. Fully compatibile with legacy security systems. Enhance your protection against cyber threats.

Image Password


Images are the perfect alternative to passwords; easy to remember, breaks down language barriers and ideal for touchscreens. Hawk's unique image login provides constantly changing images used to create extremely long one time passwords. This strong authentication kicks off a secure, encrypted connection. It's so easy - launch the Hawk Secure Browser, enter your picture password and your connection is secure.

Simple Setup


Everything about Hawk is easy! There are zero changes to existing web applications and is free from certificates and VPNs. Save on overheads by replacing existing VPNs and separate security devices, or keep your legacy measures like SSL and 2FA for that extra peace of mind - Hawk will work alongside. Our software is easy to install and manage - read our documentation to see what's involved.

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We love accessing our personal, private information anywhere, anytime. So do cyber criminals! They love our insecure web browsers that we use everywhere. You need peace of mind that your online bank account can only be accessed by you on your devices. You want encrypted Intranet services directly from a browser without a separate VPN; enabling remote workers without providing network level access and confidence that you are accessing the correct web sites without certificates.

We want that too!

That’s why we created the Hawk Secure Browser. It incorporates a unique, patented image login that delivers strong authentication and powers an industry standard data encryption. Images are very easy to recognise and remember, and form a very strong passcode - these images change digitally every time, so that's very strong indeed! You now have a 100,000+ character password, that keeps changing and you don’t have to even remember it. You can rethink how many separate factors or steps of authentication you need, it's that strong. Fully transparent to legacy measures too.

With Hawk we replace the generic, multi-purpose browser with something that is equally capable. Where normal browsers can go anywhere, get infected with malware (and then compromise services), Hawk only goes where you let it. You control which services should be protected by Hawk - all other sites will be redirected to your normal browser.

All this is controlled centrally from the administration interface on the Hawk Server. Redirect all your users' devices to a new website from a central location. Add additional domains into an allowed list. Send unknown, and potentially unsafe websites to the user's default browser. Disable accounts at a device level - no need for users to change passwords if they lose their device.

Hawk Secure Browser combines enhanced security, unique user experience and simple management into one package.

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